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The GenWhy Leaders Podcast

Nov 16, 2019

Show overview:
Megan Sheets set out with a dream to help young couples drive down wedding costs by starting The 5K Wedding Run. She had to slightly pivot the idea, but was ultimately successful with building the 5K itself, as well as a bridal expo after the race. Megan partnered with local organizations and companies such as Bra Couture KC and grew the race to more than 500 participants in its first two years. Knowing the race would be a significant time investment to continue growing it, while simultaneously gaining interest from a potential buyer, Megan decided to sell the The 5K Wedding Run. Recently having her first child, Megan decided to return to being an employee to have more time with her child and husband. She is now the Consumer Research Manager at Midwest Dairy

Megan’s Why:
Megan has found a passion in many different roles in her life. Ultimately if she can find excitement and joy in day-to-day life, she is happy. 

Why start The 5K Wedding Run?
Megan started The 5K to help young couples get married without borrowing money, especially after many were graduating college soon before with student loans. However, the original concept pivoted to a hybrid event of both a wedding 5K and a bridal expo. 

Factors that led to Megan’s Success: 

  1. Gamifying the event with developing games and contests between various bridal parties who attended the event. 
  2. Tieing in pre-wedding health goals such as losing weight. 
  3. Hosting the bridal expo immediately after the event.

Selling a business:

Megan’s experience with selling the business was actually very smooth. She found someone familiar with owning and operating bridal shows, and that person saw great opportunity with The 5K Wedding Run. When you are down to earth and open with the other party trying to achieve a win-win, the transaction can go very smoothly. 


Book recommendation:

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz


How to contact Megan: