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The GenWhy Leaders Podcast

Aug 30, 2019

Show Overview:
Frank Reardon, President of Magis Business Services LLC, is the type of guy you want in your corner if you are a small business owner. Growing up with most dinner talks and father-son moments involving accounting and balancing checkbooks, Frank learned the language of business at an early age. On episode 009, Frank helps us take the fear out of finances by giving us insight into common mistakes business owners make, and tips to avoid them.

Frank’s Why:
A combination of excitement for what’s out there, and fear that moves him and also guides him. He feels entrepreneurship chose him.

Why Magis:
In a world full of unoriginal  business names in the professional services sector, “Reardon & Associates” simply did not strike a chord with him. “Magis” is Latin for more or better and is a principle focused on continuous improvement of self and others. 

Frank’s 3 tips for helping businesses better manage their finances:

  1. Cover your blind spots  
  2. Know your profitability - grow your margins, not just your sales
  3. Use your time wisely - focus on your top priorities

Frank’s financial health checklist:

A list of questions most business owners have sought answers to, that help you develop your financial systems to help your business succeed. Contact Frank directly to receive your copy. 

Book recommendations from Frank:

  1. Overdrive App from your local library
  2. Invested 
  3. Local State Society of CPA websites (Click here for MO. Click here for KS.)

How to contact Frank:
Twitter: @MagisbServices

About Magis:
In the context of our business, our goal is to help business owners and stakeholders get more out of their businesses in terms of revenue and profits by improving processes and putting numbers behind strategic initiatives. More importantly, I aim for business owners and stakeholders to be more fulfilled in their business ventures by relieving the burden of accounting, finance and financial management allowing their time to be spent growing the business, focusing their efforts on the many other aspects of managing a business and spending more time with family.