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The GenWhy Leaders Podcast

Nov 21, 2019

Eric’s Why:
My why is to use the spiritual gifts I have been blessed with to glorify God, and lead others to him by encouraging them in their personal and professional lives. I want to inspire others to overcome fear, go after their dreams, and live the life they’ve always imagined. 


Main concept of the book: 

Nov 16, 2019

Show overview:
Megan Sheets set out with a dream to help young couples drive down wedding costs by starting The 5K Wedding Run. She had to slightly pivot the idea, but was ultimately successful with building the 5K itself, as well as a bridal expo after the race. Megan partnered with local organizations and companies...

Nov 4, 2019

Show overview:

Andrew Potter is a former Army Ranger Captain turned entrepreneur. After moving up the military ranks, Andrew realized he didn’t want to be in the Army forever, and left to pursue his dream of opening a rock climbing gym in Kansas City. Nearly foregoing it because of lack of funding, Andrew landed two...