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The GenWhy Leaders Podcast

Jun 8, 2021

Our very own Eric Hughey recently joined brothers Kevin Ritz and Danny Ritz on State Your Line: A Kansas City Podcast. Their show is a weekly podcast for Kansas Citians by Kansas Citians, hosted by the Ritz brothers. Kevin & Danny cover all things Kansas City on both sides of State Line Rd. Each episode features a new guest who is doing something interesting in Kansas City. Check them out at

State Your Line’s Story:
Back in 2019 Kevin had just broke his leg and had a lot of extra time on his hands. As he looked for new hobbies, he noticed there wasn't a Kansas City centric podcast out there. Kevin and Danny, brothers separated by just 18 months, got to work on creating a premise for a podcast about Kansas City. After a few months of trial and error, equipment was bought, a trial episode recorded, and a pilot episode made public. From there, the podcast took off like the brothers could have never imagined. Within the first 4 months, they had won "Best Local Podcast" in Kansas City Magazine and The Pitch. Within 6 months, the Ritz brothers were sitting in the Mayors office, interviewing the Mayor of Kansas City, Quinton Lucas. 

Each episode features the brothers' banter of the goings on in Kansas City and a little debate about classic Kansas City things: BBQ, Chiefs, Royals, local beers, and much more. Each episode also features an interview with a guest from around Kansas City. We've talked to the Mayor, CEOs, entrepreneurs, business owners, professional athletes, you name it! You can listen to State Your Line wherever you listen to your podcasts

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