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The GenWhy Leaders Podcast

Apr 28, 2021

Show overview:

Mitch Case is the Owner and Founder of More than a Meal, which helps businesses and sales teams strengthen their most valued relationships through simple, personalized meal kits. Mitch quit his job in commercial HVAC sales to pursue entrepreneurship, spend more time with his family, and help business owners and sales leaders engage their employees and clients in unique ways. 

How was it telling your boss you were quitting?

It was the most liberating experience Mitch has ever been through. Just thinking about it still gets him excited. Work was great and he likes his job, but Mitch had grand visions of the next step in life, and unfortunately his employer was not part of that vision. Luckily, Mitch’s boss was understanding. 

About More than a Meal:

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Mitch and his wife listened to their customers and what the market wanted and acted on the feedback. Originally starting with a B2C focus as “Mommy Meals” Mitch pivoted the business to “More than a Meal” to more broadly focus on B2B and help businesses better serve their employees and clients. 

You should be embarrassed!

One of the key takeaways from the interview with Mitch is a story he told us about an interaction with a mentor. As a perfectionist, Mitch was hesitant to send out the first few meal kit deliveries. However, a mentor told him that if he isn’t totally embarrassed by the first few he sends out, he is too late. Wise words to live by for all entrepreneurs with a product or service. 

Book recommendations:

The Go-Giver - Bob Burg

7 Levels of Communication - Michael Maher

Giftology - John Ruhlin

How to contact Mitch: