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The GenWhy Leaders Podcast

Jan 14, 2021

Show Overview: 
Ryan Mason is CEO of two companies - Luxe Brand & BizBuzz, and was recently recognized as both a Yahoo! & Fox News Top Entrepreneur. Luxe Brand offers luxury shoelaces in a variety of styles, colors, fits and finishes. In this episode we talk about how Ryan ventured down the path of starting a shoelace company, and what’s led him to be recognized by a variety of media outlets such as Good Morning America and NFL Network. 

Blazing his own trail:
As the son of a former NFL player, Ryan found himself on a similar path. But he realized football wasn’t for him, and he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He quit football and school to pursue his first entrepreneurial endeavor, and the rest is history. 

How Luxe Brand started:
Ryan had a passion for shoes, but wanted to do something fresh and original. He discovered other companies focused on drawing on shoes, rebuilding shoes, etc. But no company was focused on luxury shoe laces that could go on almost any pair of shoes. 

Business asks:
Luxe Brand - Ryan wants the company to be impactful in various communities across the U.S. If there is a cause or charity that aligns with Luxe Brand, please r each out to Ryan. 

BizBuzz - please consider visiting his website and determine if the program is for you. His mission is to help 100 businesses. 

Connect with Ryan :