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The GenWhy Leaders Podcast

Dec 1, 2020

Show overview: 

Zach Arend is a Business Performance Coach through his own company he founded called Create Purpose. He also works as a Leadership Coach and EOS Champion at NorthPoint Development. Zach clients are trying to transform their leadership presence in both their personal and professional lives. 

Servant Leadership:

Servant leadership is often misunderstood in the workplace and Zach wants to make sure the true definition is what people focus on. Zach explains how leaders impact and affect those that they lead. All leaders should ask themselves the question, “Are we truly serving as leaders?” 

Zach explains, “To really serve somebody we have to lead them in a way that they become their best”. He also mentions how professionals should lead in a way that shows their followers they are already powerful and help them reach their potential. He has learned how important it is to really serve those that we lead. 

Tactics to be a better Servant Leader:

Our guest explains what he calls the compassion trap. He notes how many leaders want to be compassionate and serve their teams. However, he also explains how there is a trap because we then view the people we lead as needing our help. A key mindset of a servant leader should be to see people at their best and not take that power away from them. Even when leaders see their team struggling, they must realize that they cannot take that problem away and solve it for them. 

He also talks about a drama triangle and explains each part. Often “the victim” appears when people view problems as though they are ”happening to me” and feels powerless. In this scenario, leaders often take on two roles: either “the hero” or “the persecutor.” By playing out either role, you are further enabling the victim. 

You either enable them (hero) or micromanage them (persecutor). Once this happens, the “victim” will continuously bring their problems to you as the leader. This could create an overwhelming amount of extra work and the leader will then feel like a “victim” themself with all the extra work. It is important to understand where your team is at and lead them out of it, rather than pulling them out. 

Strategies to be a better coach

  1. Believe that your team is powerful and capable rather than seeing them as needing your help. 
  2. Believe your team already has the answers. You don’t want your team to think that they need you.
  3. Ask more and tell less. More specifically, ask open ended questions that give them the space to think.

How to convince your leader that you are empowered

Again, Zach mentions how important it is to ask questions. Most leaders will appreciate you asking them questions about their opinion. Ask to share your ideas and explain your value and how you do have power within the company. 

Book recommendation

Leadership and the One Minute Manager Updated Ed: Increasing Effectiveness Through Situational Leadership II by Ken Blanchard

Business ask

Zach would like viewers to visit his website to see how they can improve their leadership presence and get more from their business and life. 

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