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The GenWhy Leaders Podcast

Nov 25, 2020

Show Overview:
In this episode, we hear from the summer 2020 interns of the GenWhy Leaders Podcast. We have arranged for both interns to give a little background information about themselves as well as what they hope to do after graduation. If you know of any openings during the Spring of 2021 in either of their respective fields, please contact us at

PR Intern - Rebeka Dickerson:
Rebeka is a student at the University of Central Missouri. She is studying Public Relations with a minor in Business Administration. As the PR intern for the podcast, Rebeka was tasked with writing show notes, blog posts, articles, and newsletters. She also pitched stories to certain media outlets and maintained the podcast’s media contact list. 

Rebeka states her favorite podcast episode was episode 036 with Cory Bittner’s book breakdown. She mentions how she enjoyed this episode because it really made her think. She also liked how he mentioned the book’s topic of only focusing on “controlling the controllable” and not worrying about things you have no control over. 

She mentions her biggest lesson learned from working with the podcast and from college would be to take more chances. She explains how interviewing for the internship was something she contemplated and she received some good experiences from taking that chance. 

Rebeka mentions her work ethic as her greatest strength. She applied this strength within her internship with the GenWhy Leaders Podcast and it quickly helped her gain more confidence in her work. 

Her dream career after graduation would be something that is centered around writing. She also has interest in working with a nonprofit organization (but she also is open to anything). She is graduating in December and will be available for full time positions.

Audio/Video Editing Intern - Kathleen Lavergne
Kathleen is a senior at the University of Central Missouri studying Digital Media Production with an emphasis in Digital Cinema. Kathleen was in charge of editing both the audio and video for the podcast. 

Some of her tasks included cutting out the “um’s” and “uh’s” and finding the correct audio level as well as adding the logos, graphics, and transitions to the episode. 

Kathleen’s favorite episode is Josh Levin’s episode, 046. She liked how passionate and enthusiastic he was on the show and she found him very inspiring. 

During her internship, she improved her skills in software programs like Premiere Pro and Photoshop. However, Kathleen states her biggest lesson learned was time management. She explains how she would leave an hour or two to work on a project and it would end up taking her twice as long as she had expected. She has learned to give herself an overestimated amount of time to complete projects to ensure they are finished on time. 

Persistence is Kathleen’s greatest strength. She mentions how all of her work is done to the best quality that it can possibly be. 

For a future career, she is keeping her options open. She knows there are several possibilities within digital media production and does not want to rule anything out yet. She mentions how she does not want to limit herself to just film because she has realized how much she loves editing other options such as this podcast. 

Kathleen graduates this December and is enthusiastic to start and create content for wherever she ends up. Please email us at if you have/know of any job openings for our great interns during the Spring of 2021.