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The GenWhy Leaders Podcast

Sep 10, 2020

Show overview:

In this episode we interview Josh Levin, owner of Empowered Electric, which has been recognized among Inc.’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies, making the top-500. Listen as he discusses his personal and business accomplishments that all came as a result of putting people over profit.

Josh’s Why:

Empowered Electric wanted to ask the question: What if we took a non-profit heartbeat to a for-profit company, and cared more about people and less about profit? They found it attracts really great people and, as a result, really great profit.

What is the Inc. 5000 List and how did Empowered Electric get on it?

It is the top-5000 fastest growing, privately held companies in America that apply. The top 500 are listed in the magazine and the top 5000 are listed on the website. Of the 500, 40 are selected to be in the magazine. Of those 40, there are only about ten who have a multiple-page article. They got to be one of those ten. At the 2019 Inc. 500 Gala, they were also chosen to be one of the three highlighted.

Josh became aware of the award opportunity through a friend who applied and got on the list the year before. Josh applied, and was told Empowered Electric’s numbers were very strong. He got another email that said his numbers were high enough that he should definitely buy a ticket to the gala. Empowered Electric ended up being the 210th company on the list.

Ultimately, Josh thinks these kinds of awards or accomplishments are mile markers, and not the finish line.

Why did Josh choose people over profit and how has that played into the company’s growth?

Josh thinks it is important to pay attention to construction, art, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and everyone. Scooter Braun’s little brother wrote a book and started a non-profit called Pencils of Promise. They build schools all across the world. He took a for-profit approach to a non-profit sector. He fired volunteers for not working hard enough and was fiscally responsible with donations. Josh thought if he could work that way, then Josh could do the opposite. Josh looks outside of his industry to get inspired.

Josh has also volunteered at a juvenile detention center. He saw that what the kids needed more than anything was hope, information, and opportunity. He thinks getting meaningful employment quick is one of the most important things. Empowered Electric hires employees who know when they have a good thing, because they have tasted the bad. They do not allow their employee’s past to dictate their future.

What advice would Josh give entrepreneurs on growing a company?

  1.       Be you, be unique
  2.       Stop thinking about marketing

What business requests does Josh have?

  1.       Subscribe to the Empowered People Podcast. Listen, rate, write a review.
  2.       Recurring revenue: How does he get into monthly subscriptions for electrical service work?

Josh’s recommendations for creative inspiration:

-          The Office, Parks & Rec, Kanye west

How to contact Josh: