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The GenWhy Leaders Podcast

Aug 20, 2020

Show overview:

In this episode we interview Becky Haddican, who is a senior marketing manager at Black & Veatch for its power division, specifically global transmission. Listen as she discusses how volunteering has made her life more fulfilling and helped her succeed at work.

Becky’s Why:

Becky was sold on Black and Veatch’s mission statement of “Building a World of Difference.” The projects Becky gets to be a part of may not be obviously glamorous, but it keeps the lights on and keeps the water running for millions of people around the world. At the end of the day, she knows she is doing something that is fulfilling. 

How does Becky’s passion for volunteering tie into her work life?

When Becky first started her career, she was fresh out of college and took a job at an engineering firm. She liked working there but always felt like there was a piece that was missing. She cared about so many issues and thought she was not doing enough. A book she read introduced her to the concept of redefining work. It taught her that you don’t have to rely on your day job to make you feel like you are impacting the world and making a difference. She believes by combining your job with volunteering, you can get the best of both worlds. You get a job that helps you hone professional skills and provides a paycheck while being able to invest yourself in volunteer work that fulfills other parts of you.

Becky no longer put pressure to create meaning in every part of her day job. It did not have to be the only thing that defined her. Through volunteering she found that she was given opportunities at an early age that she would not have gotten in an office setting. It helped prepare her to take the next steps in her career. She felt more confident in multiple ways. 

Who are some organizations Becky is volunteering with currently and why?

Becky is on a junior league committee called C3KC. It brings together civic, corporate, and community leaders. It is a conference put on every year to raise funds which are plugged back into the community. The group sparks change within Kansas City and has conversations about how to make the city better, what current issues are, and what the city is doing well. The event takes a lot of organization, detail, and outreach to community members. It has shown her what networking opportunities and valuable content can do to help bring people together.

Becky is also a part of an organization called Lead to Read. She takes a lunch break once a week with a student and reads with them. It is a small thing that can make a difference. Literacy rates in Kansas City are an issue and many studies show that if a child is behind in reading by third grade it can lead to greater consequences later in their life.

How does Becky manage all her tasks and obligations?

It can be difficult. She is an obsessive list maker and keeps a planner. She has chosen organizations she can make work for her schedule and in busier work seasons she blocks out time on her weekend.

How has Black & Veatch supported Becky’s volunteering endeavors?

Black & Veatch has a whole team they have put together for Lead to Read and they carpool together. They have even been recognized a little within Black & Veatch for their efforts. Black & Veatch was incredibly supportive with C3KC. They sponsored a table and gave people time off to participate in the event.

How does Becky get fulfillment from volunteering?

Volunteering helps bring balance into Becky’s life. It brings her a sense of calmness, capability, and joy that comes with being engaged. It has made her more confident in all aspects of her life. It has also given her a chance to have a seat at bigger tables.

Becky’s book and podcast recommendations:

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How to contact Becky: