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The GenWhy Leaders Podcast

Aug 1, 2020

Show overview:

In this episode we interview Andrew Patch, the owner of Heartland Drone Company. Heartland Drone Company partners with companies of all different sizes within different industries, but typically work within construction, engineering, architecture, and real estate. They use the drone to capture actionable data through building inspections, survey work, and 3-D maps. They help companies with their creative needs in marketing, promotion, and business development as well. Listen as Andrew discusses his two companies and how they both came into existence.

Andrew’s Why:

After working for other people for 6 or 7 years after college in roles that did not necessarily make sense for him, Andrew decided he wanted to pursue what he was passionate about and double down on his own talents instead, so he could use them to help people. Andrew enjoys the hustle of business development and trying to sell his own services rather than other peoples’.

How did Heartland Drone Company lead to Andrew’s other company, BRAND HSTL?

As Andrew was going out with the drone and capturing data for clients, he found it was taking a lot more time to edit the content afterwards. He knew that he would benefit if he could give his footage to someone, give them some direction, and have them edit it for him. Therefore, he created a platform designed to simplify the video creation process for companies and help freelancers earn money while growing their portfolio.

With BRAND HSTL, a company can capture its own film, photos, and narration with a smartphone. The company will then create a contest with its footage on the BRAND HSTL website, and freelancers will be notified when there is available footage to edit. For as long as the contest is running, freelancers can access the footage and create the video the company is looking for. The company selects the winning video at the end and the winner gets paid.

What was Andrew’s lightbulb moment to start BRAND HSTL?

Andrew had thought of the concept about two years ago but had been putting it to the side because of his busy schedule with Heartland Drone Company. When the stay at home order was announced because of COVID-19, the economy shut down suddenly and people were out of work, including freelancers. He thought the concept would make sense at that time to help create opportunities for freelancers to get paid while working from home. He also knew it was necessary for businesses  to put time and resources into their marketing, even if they could not work like normal.

Is Andrew going to keep both brands alive, instead of transitioning from one to the other?

Yes, they both benefit each other. With Heartland Drone Company, Andrew gets to a point where he cannot take on more work because he is busy editing. So, creating a platform that can do some editing for him, BRAND HSTL, helps him grow Heartland Done Company.

How does Andrew make money with BRAND HSTL?

When a client activates a contest, a majority of the money is used to pay the freelancer who wins the contest. BRAND HSTL receives a small percentage of that money.

What is Andrew’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs when it comes to diving into a new endeavor?

Andrew has tried and failed at many ventures. He has found that you have to go down the rabbit hole and follow your gut instincts. For people who do not know how to start or are afraid to, he says you just have to go for it. He says to listen to the marketplace and understand the customer.

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