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The GenWhy Leaders Podcast

Feb 23, 2020

Main concept of the book: 
Wendy Merrill’s book, “Path to Impact” epitomizes the mission of the GenWhy Leaders Podcast. As millennials, we are focused not so much on success itself, but significance. This means we want to spend time with our families, give back to our communities, and have autonomy in our everyday life. This book is great for any young professional with high career aspirations and big dreams. It has practical advice, business stories, and exercises to put you on the path to impact. 

Wendy Merrill is the Founder of StrategyHorse Consulting Group, which provides customized group workshops, individual coaching, strategic planning sessions and retreat facilitation designed to develop growth-oriented leadership. You can find her book “A Path to Impact: The Rising Leader’s Guide to Growing Smart on Amazon. Or you can learn more at

Best Chapters:

Chapter 3: Value

  • The transfer of value is at the base of almost any relational transaction.
  • Be able to appraise and convey different kinds of value, most importantly, your own. 
    • Not adjectives. True statements of experience that foreshadow future success.
  • Avoid Imposter Syndrome
    • When you work at an organization that has very intelligent people, and you begin doubting your own knowledge and talent. The underlying fear being that you will get out-performed or replaced by someone better than you. 
    • Instead: Be confident. Know, and own your value. Confidence is not arrogance.
  • Value or price of your own services should not be based on market rate or what anyone else is charging. This will challenge you to think freely and decide for yourself. 
  • Effective Leadership is built on:
    • Reducing stress (culture)
    • Saving or making money (financial growth)

Chapter 4: Self Advocacy

  • You must know and be intentional about understanding, defining and promoting a personal brand. 
  • A personal brand should focus on:
    • Thought leadership: an expert on a specific topic
    • Center of impact: more than just a “net-worker” who slings business cards and LinkedIn Connections
    • Or a combination of both 
  • Create thoughtful and strategic introductions between people whose values and missions are aligned

Chapter 7: Risk

  • Being a leader or championing a cause you believe in, opens the door to be ridiculed and judged by others. You must get over the fear of what others think about you. Even when you think you are making moves and accomplishing things, doesn’t mean it’s always interpreted that way. Keep your blinders on and keep working.
  • Always Be Curious (ABC)
    1. Once we lose the ability to learn, we begin to manipulate others, instead of inspiring them.
  • You must know and understand your relationship with risk. Most people think they are being risky by avoiding certain actions. But most of the time, we are risky in our business or personal life because of something we are already doing, that we need to stop doing. 
  • Risks to avoid:
    1. Risk of work-life balance. There is no such thing as work-life balance. Only work life choices at any given moment. Work hard and stay focused at work. But be intentional with your time at home.
    2. Risk of too much yes. If we are always spread thin, we will never have maximum impact in the area we were hired to focus. Want to grow? Say No!
    3. Risk of not taking ownership.When managing multiple people, it’s easy to point fingers when things go wrong. But empowering your employees to be autonomous is equally important as taking responsibility for all negative outcomes from any of your team members, or your team as a whole. Ultimately, it all points back to you and whether or not you are leading effectively. 

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