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The GenWhy Leaders Podcast

May 31, 2019

GenWhy Leaders Podcast Episode 1 - Sacrificing Success for Significance with Brent Vogel

Episode overview:
On the first episode of GenWhy Leaders Podcast, we hear from Brent Vogel. Brent was a walk-on track & field athlete at the University of Central Missouri, where he eventually became a 2-time National Champion and an 8-time All-American. Being a successful athlete, Brent tells listeners about the sacrifices he made throughout college in terms of personal life and his own health to set him up for future success. Following college, Brent pursued coaching where he was named Coach of the Year for the University of Missouri - S&T’s. However, Brent would argue meeting his future wife, Rachel on campus was the bigger award. Brent sacrificed all this and put coaching behind him to be with Rachel, and now both are pursuing careers in the medical field. Brent now works as a Medical Device Sales Representative for Stryker Corporation.

Brent’s Why:
Brent doesn’t believe in having a singular “why,” and the things that motivate him vary in different areas of life. He encourages listeners to double down and go all in on the areas of life when and where they mean the most. A few of the things motivating Brent:

  1. His wife Rachel - fulling her dreams and the dreams of her family
  2. The Doctors he’s serving - making sure they receive great patient outcomes
  3. The patients receiving his products - knowing he has made a positive impact on their health and wellness

Book Recommendations:

Brent has a lot of book recommendations and encourages listeners to read books that are in line with their goals or the areas of life they want to improve. His broader recommendations include:

  1. Perfectly Yourself: Matthew Kelly - Discovering God's dream for you and being completely at peace with you who are.
  2. Essentialism - Greg McKeown - The disciplined pursuit of less. Helping you discern the trivial many from the vital few.
  3. The Compound Effect - Darren Hardy - Jumpstart your income, life, and success.

How to contact Brent:

About GenWhy Leaders Podcast:
Entitled, lazy, unreliable. These are just a few of the words used to describe Millennials. It wasn’t too long ago consumer and employer reports were being built about us, and how we would acclimate to the professional world. Now, we'll soon be leading the workforce. According to Forbes, 75% of the national labor force will be millennials by 2025. Despite the negative stereotypes, this generation is full of individuals already taking leadership positions at companies, starting their own businesses, and pursuing their purpose to support themselves and their families. In the GenWhy Leaders Podcast, we learn why leaders in this age group do what they do, what keeps them motivated, and how they succeed in this ever-more competitive marketplace.